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This long necklace showcases the innovative Strings-in-Resin technique, skillfully invented and handcrafted by artist Zhenwei Chu. The strings form a captivating cross pattern, infusing vitality into the entire necklace. With its crystal-like front and other surfaces finished with matte textures, this necklace offers an exquisite and distinctive appearance.


  • Black necklace material: resin, string, alcohol ink, and gold-filled chain
  • White necklace material: resin, string, alcohol ink, and sterling silver chain 
  • Size of pendant: 1.875" x 1.625"
  • Chain length: 30"


Kindly be aware that all our jewelry is entirely handcrafted. Consequently, the actual item you receive may exhibit slight variations from the images provided.

Inverted Trapezoidal Resin Necklace

  • Please remove your jewelry before bathing, showering, and swimming to keep your jewelry in good condition.
  • Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairsprays, or other chemicals.
  • When st